Dear Bambina's Best,

Thank you so much, you really are the best!  I just love my new sweater, the quality is exceptional and the special little touches -- exquisite little bows, faux furry black trim and gorgeous 'bling' jewel make it truly unique.  I'll be back again and again to order my fall, winter, spring and summer wardrobe!

Sydney the MinPin, Nanaimo, B.C.
avatarMy late and beloved little arrogant dog, HRH Charles, refused to put anything over his head when he arrived with me about 10 years ago, already being close to 10 after years in a puppy mill.  He was stubborn, nasty and mean -- to me.  But we perservered.  Sadly, winter came, and he was freezing but would not wear anything until Laura Lee made him a very special gray sweater that went around him and buttoned.  He wore it all this winter too, and he often wore it under other coats which he learned to put on after he realized it would not kill him -- but NOTHING over his head, over.

He is gone to his happy reward, but his wonderful gray sweater, soft as a kitten, is still in his coat basket to warm up the next dog who comes to live here.  It was always remind me of how difficult he was, and how its softness and comfort helped him with a huge breakthrough.

AND, he looked MIGHTY handsome in it as well!

Norma P, Toronto, Ontario
Dear Bambina's Best,

I am a 3lb Chihuahua that lives in the North of BC and it gets REALLY cold here in Winter!

While my mom was away my auntie Sandra decided i needed a "special" sweater for those loooooong cold, days of Winter for a girl of my petite stature and called in an order to Bambina's Best.............

It was so exciting when my parcel arrived and then there it was..........MY soft,sparkly,PINK,my favourite colour,sweater!

When my mom came home she tried it on me and it fits PERFECTLY and wow is it ever soft and warm:)

Yes i am a bit of a Diva and with all the sparkles and bows it just suits my personality perfectly...........

Licks and woofs

Miss Bella

Bella Chihuahua - Prince George

Nevaeh loves her sweater and we love it too. These days it is hard to find hand-made anything and this makes it that much more special. The quality of your sweaters cannot be matched. Not only did we get the beautiful sweater for CH. Nevaeh we gained a wonderful friend. We appreciate you for your honesty and customer friendly mannerism.

I am sure we will be a repeat customer.  Have a Blessed Day.

Your Oklahoma Friends,

Steve & Trina

CH. Nevaeh - Okema Show Chihuahuas
Okema Show Chihuahuas